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Train Like a Pro

Let’s face it… hiring a trainer or visiting a performance facility is expensive. We understand that both your budget and time is limited. At a fraction of the cost, Accolade Athletic Performance delivers a personalized and proven system that has helped athletes and fitness clients of all levels reach and surpass their performance goals.

In order for a program to be results-driven and overall effective, it needs to address and integrate each aspect of the performance model. Our program incorporates a talk on the winning mindset to achieve amazing results, nutritional guidance to fuel your workouts, a movement program to develop linear and lateral speed, elite strength templates to fit your schedule, individualized corrective exercise program for optimal health, aerobic and anaerobic workouts for outstanding stamina, recovery strategies, and much, much more.

The 90-Day ‘Train Like a Pro’ program created by AAP’s expert team will provide the step-by-step knowledge and instruction to achieve extraordinary results in minimal time. Register in the month of March to receive 50% off the Accolade Athletic Performance’s ‘Train Like a Pro’ online training program.